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Keyfacts has been one of Canada’s leaders in providing Insurance Information Services (IIS) since 1922.

Inspired by our clients' requests to use the Internet as a means of communication, we have developed, documented and implemented stringent network and system security standards to permit web-based and system-to-system information transfer. Our procedures are the key to successfully integrating Keyfacts' corporate aims and direction regarding network and system security issues into our service offering.


While computer networks have revolutionized the way companies do business, the security risks involved are taken very seriously by Keyfacts. Attacks on networks can lead to lost money, time, products, reputation, and even put the viability of a company at risk.

Keyfacts is therefore earnestly committed to protecting, in all countries where it does business, the personal and operational information and data concerning:

  • Our clients and their operations,

  • Our contractors,

  • Our employees.

An outstanding level of protection is achieved through a multidisciplinary approach to security:

  • Software: State-of-the-art security, using certificates for authentication.

  • Hardware and physical access: Strictly controlled environment, centralised access control, card-based access to our premises, intrusion protection for our applications.

  • Firewall: We secure the inbound and outbound Internet traffic with the latest in firewall technology.

  • SSL encryption: Our website login is secured by Verisign. The information sent between your computer and our secure servers is encrypted while in transit. Unauthorized persons on the Internet cannot view the information.

  • Browser support: Our web-based applications support Internet Explorer version 5.0 and higher, with 128-bit encryption.

  • Website privacy: To ensure that your visit to the Keyfacts website is absolutely private, sensitive information is not collected when you browse our site. Therefore, you can contact us via Internet with no tracking or privacy concerns.

  • Note: We do monitor the usage of our website for statistical purposes. No personal information about the user or the computer accessing our site is acquired during this process. The information is gathered for Keyfacts-internal use only, and is not sold or distributed outside of Keyfacts. Furthermore, we do not use cookies to monitor the usage of our site.

  • Security as a process, not a project: We carry out periodic security audits and clearing processes, and execute procedures addressing data security and privacy on a regular basis.

  • Standards: Adherence to industry standards and best practices.

Software and Applications

Always an innovator, Keyfacts was the first and, for a long time the only IIS provider to offer system-to-system authorization and reporting capabilities to its customers. We are still developing and supporting our EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) software application, ACORD, as well as our Teleview tele-underwriting and Inspection Reports applications.

Our newest innovation is the Keyfacts ACE (ACORD Client Exchange) software package. ACE is a proprietary application that permits secure and efficient download of completed APS reports from Keyfacts in either ACORD-compliant format* or TIFF image format. This greatly facilitates importing APS reports into the insurance company's imaging system.

*ACE is an ACORD TXLife compliant application developed by Keyfacts following ACORD SOAP Messaging Service guidelines.

  • Standards: Adherence to best practices during the entire application lifecycle to ensure consistent quality and timely delivery. We use only EDI industry standards for development of the ACORD system-to-system solution.

  • Tools: Only stable, proven technology is used for the development of software and applications.

  • Innovation: Our team is continuously working on new versions which will improve productivity, ensure a faster turnaround time, and provide new features and greater usability.

  • Processes: Keyfacts uses a proven development methodology that ensures consistency in the quality of all deliverables.

  • Client-oriented development: We provide help to clients that want to implement EDI into their own system, and build custom interfaces to accommodate clients with proprietary system software, when required.

System Reliability

  • We use industry-accepted best practices concerning backups and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).

  • Full hardware and software redundancy are built into our network system.


For more information contact our Technical Support Department.

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